Youth Mentoring Program
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 A youth mentoring program for youngsters, their parents and adult volunteers.  An organization replacing a Scouting BSA Sea Scouting program for our youth that meets and exceeds that which it replaces.  Youth involved must be members of the Firelands Military Vehicle Group through “Family Membership” in the organization.  Volunteers will have a responsibility to pass background checks and will need to complete and sign an authorization for such, understand and/or attend Youth Protection Training programs similar to that used by the Scouting BSA and the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Program, that being “Darkness to Light” where youth are met with a ‘two deep’ adult presence.  It is the intention of the FMVG to provide a solid, wholesome, healthy and SAFE environment for youth development, involved with both afloat and land based assets and training that is informative, fun and builds self confidence and esteem in these future leaders.

     Why the Special Boat Group, because the young people and their parents and adult volunteers are a very special part of the reason the Firelands Military Vehicle Group exists.  Our stated mission is Militarily Historic Preservation and PUBLIC education.  Our nations history is as important as its future, and to insure that history is taught, understood and protected for future generations is a mission the membership of the FMVG has embraced.  Failure to learn from history, or allowing the ‘spin doctors’ of modern times to pervert history to meet their own means and needs serves only one purpose,  to allow its lessons to be ignored and insure that more wealth and national treasure, our dedicated young citizens  lives to be squandered for no good reason.

     The Special Boat Group, has been an important part of our military history since World War Two and the PT Boat squadrons, Korean War units and especially the Brown Water Navy of Vietnam.  Desert Shield/Storm added to that legacy and today in the military there are Special Boat Units and special Sailors trained to man them.  Our chosen insignia is one of great historic significance but unused today.  That being the Crossed Anchors and Spearhead of the Assault Boat Coxswain of World War Two through Vietnam.  Now superseded by a Combat Craft Crewman’s device.  Our Youth Mentoring programs ARE Special as are our young people.